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كلمة رئيس مجلس الادارة

نهدف الي تقوية اذرع المشاريع والنهوض الخاص كشريك استراتيجي وطموحنا نحو تحقيق المزيد من التقدم والرقي وأمالنا لا سقف لها لعملائنا ولاتحدها حدود وتوقعاتنا للمستقبل تزداد يقينا ونحن نستقبل النمو الاقتصادي في صنع المستقبل والنظر الدائم للأرتقاء بأسلوب حضاري مميز بالفكر التكنولجي الحديث وميثاق أداب وسلوكيات المهنة وإيماننا بتقديم أفضل الخدمات بأمانه ونزاهة وقانونية بما يتوافق مع مبادي القيادة الادارية الصحيحة .

Ziqar Technical Works LLC was established in 2007 and working around UAE through the most valuable firms of our construction industry, aiming at continual growth, currently, we have the privilege of providing our services to several prestigious organizations .Ziqar Technical Works LLC built itself a proud reputation for successful fulfillment of large & small contract throughout UAE. And many recommendations from our satisfied clients. Our company which adopts a “contemporary company” concept aims to increase itself as one of the quality leaders in our industry.As we humbly present our services, we would like to emphasize on our basic and core specialties being commitment and reliability to successfully deliver our targets within budget and on schedule.


To maintain the highest levels of client satisfaction through integrity and commitment in achieving our project targets to
ensure the continuity of a successful work relation.
To utilize top of the line technology and machinery to better improve our products quality, delivery and end user overall satisfaction.
To recruit the best human resources specialized in the façade works and constantly invest in developing their capabilities through in-house and external trainings.
To improve the partnership with our suppliers and sub- contractors to preserve their availability and dedication to our jobs.


To excel in serving the construction industry as one of the

top five facade specialists in the region.